Toys for Children and Babies – Teletubby Bath Island

With Christmas coming up here this is the first of a few toy reviews for babies and young children. There are some toys that we have bought that our daughter has taken to immediately, and others that have just turned out to be expensive toys that hardly get played with. Ultimately it comes down to the individual child what they find interesting, but hopefully this should give some ideas.

The first toy is the Teletubbies Bath Island which has turned out to be one of the best toys we’ve bought. From a young age our daughter used to enjoy having a bath, but one day she suddenly took a dislike to having baths and getting her to stay in the bath was almost impossible. After a few weeks of struggling we came across this toy. Our daughter is a teletubby fan, so when she had this to play with we were able to give her a proper bath again. She hasn’t looked back, even on the times we don’t have the whole bath island with us we still take the Teletubby characters along to ensure that bath time goes smoothly.

The toy consists of a floating island shaped as the teletubby house. There is a slide around the outside of the house which drop the teletubby into the bath. Teletubbies that go into the top of the house can pop out of any of the 3 doors. There is also a windmill, some flowers (that move when watered) and a swimming ring and a oversized hat. Then of course are all the teletubby characters Tinky Winky, Dipsy, La la and Po.

We haven’t managed to break any of it yet, so it’s fairly well constructed. The parts do pull off quite easily, and it can be a bit fiddly putting the top of the house back on at first, but after a bit of practice it’s not too difficult.

All in all a great toy, particularly if you child doesn’t like taking baths.
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