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I’m a husband, an author, a maker, a first aider, a cyber security professional, data centre manager, a programmer, a camper, and most importantly of all a dad to my two wonderful children!

I was born in West Yorkshire living in Clayton West, near Huddersfield. I moved away to The University of Hull (which was in Humberside when I started, but East Yorkshire by the time I graduated). After University I lived in Warwickshire and the West Midlands but now live in Redditch in Worcestershire (about half way between The Sauce factory and Cadbury’s chocolate factory).

Education and Work

I’ve studied between New York and London; and from Huddersfield to Hull (although not necessarily in that order). I more recently completed a second master’s degree through Georgia Tech, studied from the comfort of home. I have a master’s degree in Electronic Engineering and a master’s degree in Computer Science. I am also a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

I’ve worked on all kinds of computers from small microprocessors to large IBM Mainframes but it’s Linux that I like the best.

Published author, Technical writer and reviewer

I have written two books, written articles for magazines and performed technical reviews of many more.

Learn Electronics with Raspberry Pi

My first book is Learn Electronics with Raspberry Pi. The book provides a fun way to learn about electronics making games and fun projects. 2nd edition is now available.

Learning electronics can be tremendous fun – your first flashing LED circuit is a reason to celebrate! But where do you go from there, and how can you move into more challenging projects without spending a lot of money on proprietary kits? One excellent answer is Raspberry Pi.

Find out more about the book:

Beginning Game Programming with Pygame Zero

This book is on learning computer programming and techniques used to create your own computer games. It uses Python Pygame Zero which is great for those getting started as it hides some of the complexity with creating graphics allowing you to concentrate on the game programming, but still giving you the flexibility that Pygame has.

Through the book you get to create multiple different games, including matching pairs card game, a tank firing game, battleships and a space shooter game.

Find out more about the book:


I have several of my own websites as well as a few others that I look after at work or leisure.

WatkissOnline My personal website – ie this one! This is my personal blog which covers just about everything I’m involved in. Technology and Computer based website focussing on maker projects (including Raspberry Pi and Arduino projects), the Linux Operating System and resources helpful for anyone working towards Linux Professional Institute Certification (LPIC). This includes a practice exam style quiz and Linux tutorials. The quiz runs on a quiz engine that I wrote using PHP and a mysql database running on a Linux server.
It also includes a Linux and technology blog which is auto-updated from the watkissonline WordPress blog.
You can also get status updates by following PenguinTutor on Twitter. Information on Cybersecurity. Understand how to protect your system by first learning how the hackers are trying to attack you.

You can also get status updates by following PenguinFortress on Twitter.

First Aid Quiz The First Aid Quiz web site provides a fun way to brush up on your first aid knowledge. It features online interactive quizzes, crosswords and wordsearches. The quiz runs on a quiz engine that I wrote using PHP (earlier version was Perl) and a mysql database running on a Linux server. It also

DaysOutDiaryLooking for something to do with the kids – Come to Days Out Diary to find out about fun activities to occupy your children throughout Britain and beyond.

DaysOutDiary uses my blog import utility to get all the days out related posts from WatkissOnline as they are posted.


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