Software Review: ViaMichelin Europe – GPS Software for Palm / Pocket PC

Via Michelin - Normal Mode
Before I review any software I like to make sure that I’ve used it for a while to make sure that I’ve discovered many of the features, and in this case seen the quality of the technical support on offer. I have been using Via Michelin on my Palm for over 4 months now which I think provides long enough. The review is based on MapSonic Ver 1.32 running on a Palm Tungsten T3 (PalmOS 5), with the Mapstore part running under Windows. When you purchase the software it doesn’t give the version number so it’s difficult to know if you are getting this version or not. The screenshots are from Windows (sized to make it look like you would see on a PDA). Most of this is done on the United Kingdom & IE Maps, although I’ve also used the GPS in the Netherlands. Most of Europe is included on the install CDs.

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