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Children have had a letter from Santa (from the NSPCC)

Santa and his Christmas to-do listYesterday our two children received a letter direct from Santa himself. Each received a personalised letter addressed to them by name with a individual funny story about his Christmas preparations and party in Lapland. The letters showed as picture of a present labelled with our child’s name and age and included a mention of our local town in the main party of the letter.

As you can imagine our children were delighted that Santa had made the time in his busy schedule to write each of them a personal letter.

Our eldest daughter is 5 and she managed to read some of the letter on her own, whereas our 2 year old enjoyed “reading” the picture words included in the letter. We read each letter at least twice yesterday and again first thing this morning when they came out of their bedrooms letter in hand. Later we’ll be pinning them on the wall for everyone to see.

There is a suggested donation of £5 per letter which helps to fund the work that the NSPCC do helping to protect children in the UK. A very worthwhile cause.

You could of course write your own letters and add a bit of clipart for a do-it-yourself approach, but these letters are very professionally done and the kids loved them. I’d recommend for any children looking forward to the big day.

See the video and order online from: NSPCC Letter from Santa