Christmas message 2010

Another year gone and it’s Christmas Eve again.

The children are another year older and growing up fast. Our youngest is looking forward to his first “big boy bike” and our oldest is looking forward to learning to ride on a new bike without stabilisers. Let’s hope Santa can manage to get the bikes down the chimney.

It’s been an eventful year with regard to travelling. Mainly travelling with work but our holiday abroad was a close call.

I got stuck in India / Dubai for a week during the Ash Cloud incident, then I just got out of Frankfurt after a few hours delay before the first problems with snow at the start of December and we had a close call with getting back in time for Christmas from our winter holiday at Disneyland Paris. We came back on Wednesday after the disruptions in both Paris and Birmingham and before the problem with the lack of de-icing fluid at Charles-de-Gaulle airport. We spoke with a number of other families who had also travelled from the UK by plane or Eurostar and I hope they all got back to the UK safely in time for Christmas. Flight delays and cancellations are very frustrating for adults, but I imagine even more so with young children.

This year I have chosen Action for Children for my Christmas charity donation. Action for Children supports and speaks out for the most vulnerable and neglected children and young people in the UK. They have missed out on some donations this year due to events cancelled through the bad weather so I’m sure they would appreciate any more donations. Why not think of giving one more present to this or another charity when wrapping up your last few Christmas presents for friends and family?

It just remains for me to Wish everyone a Merry Christmas and to wrap up a few last presents before I can enjoy the holiday with my family.

Christmas picture 2010 - Disneyland Paris in snow