Winter craft picture – House silhouette, snow, snowman and Christmas tree

Winter craft picture 2010 - silhouette house, snowman, Christmas tree

This Winter’s craft picture is now complete. We change our picture each season so whilst it’s nice to include Christmas elements in the picture this picture needs to last beyond the rest of the house Christmas decorations. This year we went for a house silhouette with snow, a Christmas tree and a snowman created with the help of my 5 year old daughter and 2 year old son, who both love getting involved in craft projects.

The picture is about 1 metre wide and greats visitors as the enter our house through the hallway.

The picture is not particularly realistic, but is more in-line with what a child may expect. For example although it’s meant to be a night picture the sky is blue and although the house is a complete sillhouette the snowman is perfectly visible (did I mention the light-post we cut-off just to the right of the picture).

Most of the instructions for making a large picture of this type are in my previous post: How to make a giant wall snow picture, with the text created on a computer and painted using glitter paint (see huge text craft template from Autumn picture). The new feature this year is the house sillhouette which is cut out from black card with gold holograph paper stuck to the back using sellotape. The challenge with this is how to get the card to stick to the paper on the wall without having to stand and hold it for several hours. In my case I used a hot glue gun which worked really well.

Another useful hint is that rather than using normal glitter on the snowflakes which I did on the previous picture we used snow glitter which came from the Early Learning Centre. You can’t see from the photo, but it has a more snowy look to it than the sliver glitter we used before.

So for a couple of hours work with lots of (erm) help from the kids, that they thoroughly enjoyed, and we have a unique work of art for our hallway this winter.

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