World Book Day 2010

Very hungry caterpillar fancy dressToday is World Book Day.

Many schools and nurseries throughout the UK are celebrating with book related events to promote reading amongst children. It’s not just schools that should do something special for World Book Day, but it’s something all parents can involve their children with.

As a parent I believe that reading with my children and encouraging my children to enjoy books and reading is one of the most important things that I can do to help their education. I am an avid reader myself, which includes the books (fiction and non-fiction) and magazines, but also following tweets, reading blogs and reading other information on the Internet.

My wife and I try to read to or with our children every day. This varies from just reading a bedtime story to sitting with our child to read her school book or, when we have more time, reading a book to them and then talking about the story.

Last night we read “Little Red Train: The Runaway Train” and “My Daddy is a Giant”. I’ll need to wait until tonight to find out what tonights story will my wife is taking our daughter to a school book sale after school today.

Reading doesn’t have to be expensive. Many charity shops sell books at very affordable prices and it doesn’t need to cost anything if you visit your local library. We are lucky in Redditch to have a newly refurbished library. Our children love going to the library to choose books to read and most libraries run a reward scheme for young readers where they can gain a certificate through regularly borrowing books from the library.

What will you be doing to encourage your children to enjoy reading?