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Updated Version of wQuiz, the web based Quiz Engine

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Creating my wQuiz page on Google’s code pages, has given me the incentive to get it moving again. See: WQuiz has a project page on the Google Code Site.

Since creating the Google Code page for wQuiz I’ve now managed to update it to the point that it could now be useful to others. The code has been in a reasonable (but unpolished) state for some time, but until now the lack of documentation would have made it very hard to install and use, without having to read the code and work out how it works.

The code now comes complete with usable templates and both an administrators guide and a user guide. At the moment it is still only available by CVS (subversion) at: After a bit more testing I do hope to create a package that can be distributed on the PenguinTutor web site.

The latest version 0.3.2 is now in use on both PenguinTutor Linux, LPI practice exams and First Aid Quiz, first aid and medical tests.