Toy Review: SmartVille Safe & Sound Fire Station from vtech

This is a review of the SmartVille 3-2-1 Rescue Fire Station from vtech. The toy is designed for children aged 12months and above. It consists of a plastic fire station, fire engine and dog, cat and bird characters. The Fire station includes light and sound buttons, including a pad which responds differently when each of the different characters is placed on it “I’m a dog!”.

This is the second toddler toy from vtech that I’ve reviewed. The first was Toy Review: Baby – Computer Console for Babies and Young Children from vtech. In the case of the console I was disappointed that some of the aspects had an American bias. This toy has not fallen into the same trap. The voice is English sounding and correctly states the UK emergency phone number of 999. “Dial 999 we’re here to help”.

The toy has two different sound settings so that you can choose a quieter level if you prefer.

A good educational toy.