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There was some controversy when Teletubbies was first broadcast on the BBC. One of the concerns was from the baby sounds that the teletubbies make, saying Eh-Oh, instead of hello etc. Being the parent of a 1 year old baby I can now see that the teletubbies really do benefit young children.

Our daughter is at the stage where she can make sounds, but is not yet able to talk properly. Teletubbies appeals to her because she can actually make the sounds and join in. The programme has become one of her favourites. As a result she has really taken with the Teletubbies Home hill Playset. The playset is for children aged from 12 months. For some reason the other sites says 36 months, so you may like to double check with them, but although there are some small parts they should not be so small to be considered a choking hazard.
The playset includes all “your” favourite teletubbies characters including the Noo-noo. The top of the hill can be removed for inside play, or left on for outside play. The whole set folds up for storage or to take with you. The only complaint is that whilst it is designed to store all the parts inside the hill it’s a tight fit and is hard to achieve, so we’ve got a separate storage box.

The Teletubby Aqua Draw is another good Teletubby branded toy. The minimum age on the box is 18months, although we let your 17 month old daughter play with it under supervision. There is a screw on part of the top which could be a choking risk if left unsupervised.
The aqua draw is quite an ingenious idea. There is a special mat with a white area, which changes pink when wet. There is a pen and Noo-Noo splodge maker which are filled with normal tap water. These are then used to draw on the surface. Depending upon how hot it is the “writing” will stay in place for a few minutes (we were playing near a gas fire which dried it out in a reasonable time). Once it dries then you can write over it again as a fresh picture. The Noo-noo has a rotating wheel which creates a series of splodges as it’s driven over the mat. The great thing about this is that it uses normal water, so if the child draws over the walls then it won’t do any damage. The noonoo can leak a little, but the pen has good control over the water and will only drip if shaken vigorously.

Finally there are a selection of DVDs available so that you (and your child) can watch the teletubbies whenever you want 🙂

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