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Life Saving Attempt in Coventry by St. John Ambulance Members

In an earlier blog I wrote about Death by Dangerous Driving where a pedestrian was killed by a driver in Coventry. At the time I heard that a trainee paramedic attempted resuscitation to save the ladies life. I didn’t know at the time, but I actually know that person that attempted to save the life.

The two rescuers were Krystle O’Brien and Robert Bowers who are both members of St. John Ambulance. It is Krystle that I know as she has been involved in the St. John Ambulance Variety Show as a member of the band.
Krystle is a third year student at Coventry University training to be a paramedic nurse. In the Coventry Observer she explains how her past first aid training had helped “It just felt natural – all of my training kicked in”.

Unfortunately on this occasion it was not possible to save the persons life, but the first aid training gave did give the person a chance.

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