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Quiz Engine – Replace Cache::FileCache Perl module

I have mentioned earlier that I plan to release my quiz engine as used to power as open source software. This is still the plan, but it looks like this may be delayed further as I am looking at replacing some components to make it work with some hosting providers.

The reason for this is that I intend to use the quiz engine on my Penguin Tutor Linux Website which is hosted rather than on my own server (see New Website – Penguin Tutor, Linux / LPI Information post).

The quiz is written in perl. I currently use the Cache::FileCache perl module for holding session information. Whilst on my own machine this was easy to install using CPAN, this is not the case for a hosted server where I don’t have sufficient access. This will instead be stored using the database, using a seperate session table.

As this is going to have to be done in my spare time this will have a delay on launching the penguin tutor website and on having a suitable quiz engine to release as GPL (free / open source) software.