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PHPBB Forum Closed through SPAM

This is a disappointing time, as I’ve now disabled a feature due the selfish actions of Spammers. The forum on PenguinTutor website has had posts disabled. Hopefully this is a temporary measure until I have time to investigate alternative forum software with better SPAM support.

Since the forum was launched in September last year there have been very few genuine posts, but it’s been inundated with SPAM. I’ve been cleaning out the spam and banning the users, but the spam just kept coming. Essentially there was far more SPAM posts than genuine posts. The wording of the SPAM was inappropriate for any website, and not something I wanted associated with my site.

Although there are some SPAM “mods” for phpBB, I’ve not really been too impressed by them, or the fact that they actually update the source code. I hope to find alternative forum software with anti-spam either built in, or available as a plug-in.

The old posts are still in place, but I’ve disabled posting.

This is not the first time I’ve been hit by spam. I stopped using one of my earliest email addresses (from my virgin account), due to the amount of spam, and I’m sure it will not be my last. Just another example of how the selfishness of some spoils it for other people.