Penguintutor LPI practice exams – Now updated to new 2012 objectives

Linux Professional Institute
The Linux Professional Institute Certification Program (LPIC) has undergone a major revision to the objectives for 2012. The exams for LPI Certification Level 1 are now using the new objectives for exams that started from the beginning of this week. The LPI Certification Level 2 exams will start on the new objectives from next month (August 2012).

I have now completed the first stage in updating the PenguinTutor Linux LPIC practice exams to the new 2012 objectives. This has involved a review of all the existing questions, deleting any from objectives that have been removed, changing the exam for those that may have moved between the exams and updating those that were out-of-date.

I have also taken this opportunity to map the questions against the objectives so that I now have a much clearer picture of how well each objective is covered by the practice questions.

For the next stage I’ve now started working through some of the objectives that are not so well covered (including the new ones) and adding some new questions. This will be happening over the next few weeks.

I have also already update the Linux Tutorials, although those do not cover the full range of objectives that the exam questions aim to do.

Please note that these are an unofficial resource. I have no direct involvement with the LPI, other than having gained LPIC-2 certification in the past.

PenguinTutor does not use or endorse the use of braindumps
I do not use any real exam questions in the practice exams. Any questions that are very similar are due to using a similar question style (and co-incidence) and not in any way copied from real exams.