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Short outage for – suspect UPS failure

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There was a brief outage on my PenguinTutor Linux Web Site earlier today. I believe the outage was for less than 15 minutes.

My hosting is provided by Compila, who haven’t said why there was an outage. I believe I have found the reason.

Compila’s servers are in a London Data Centre in the London Docklands (Canary Wharf). Approximately half of the Redbus Soverign House Data Centre was without power for a short period this morning, possibly due to a UPS failure.

I’m not sure if the servers are actually hosted in the affected building, or whether they are hosted in nearby TeleHouse, however the network routing through their ISP goes through the RedBus Sovereign House.

It appears that the power was restored fairly quickly, however I there were some routing issues with the Internet connection provided by their ISP (Newnet). These appeared to affect some, but not all traffic going to the server.

It’s all back up and appears to be running fine now.