Repair of Christmas reindeer light

This video shows an emergency repair to a Christmas light decoration for a reindeer light.

When I plugged the light it it failed to light-up. After looking more closely I found a break in the wire where the incoming power supply comes into the leg.
Note that it is low voltage at this point so no health and safety risks associated with high voltage electricity, so I performed a quick repair using a portable gas powered soldering iron.

The steps carried out are:

  • Cut the cable ties and remove the insulation.
  • Prepare heat-shrink sleeving.
  • Reconnect the wire using a portable gas powered soldering iron and lead-free solder.
  • Heat the sleeving to shrink it over the connection.
  • Apply insulating tape over the whole connection.
  • Add new cable ties (not shown)
  • Plug in and test.

The reindeer light is all repaired and been reunited with the rest of it’s family outside our home.