Open Office .org New Release

It doesn’t seam long since released version 2 of the popular, free Office Suite. There has now been a new release version 2.02. Some languages may have to wait a little longer, but it’s available in English for Windows and Linux.

The most significant thing is that the spelling dictionaries for several languages are now included in the installation. Previously you had to add these after installing the software. Whilst this was easy to achieve and only a minor thing it’s easier now that the dictionaries are included.

There are also some new import filters. Still no sign of WordPro and Works which are the two formats I’d like to see added, but making good progress.

If you are looking for an Office Suite, then it’s certainly well worth investigating, and it’ll cost you nothing. If you already have MS Office, Home edition then will add a powerpoint like presentation package and the rest of the suite will work alongside or can replace you current software. All that and it costs nothing (except the cost of downloading or the cost of ordering the CD-ROM). If you are not on broadband yet, then why not ask someone to download and burn it to CD for you. Don’t worry it’s all legal.