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New St. John Ambulance First Aid and Health & Safety Training Brochure

St. John Ambulance First Aid Training BrochureThe new St. John Ambulance First Aid and Health and Safety training brochure is now available, or at least it is in Warwickshire. If other areas don’t have the brochures I’m sure they will be out very soon.

St. John Ambulance provides a selection of courses to meet First Aid and Health and Safety training requirements.

First Aid Courses are available to cover the First Aid provision required to meet the legal workplace regulations and to provide First Aid to your employees and visitors. There are additional courses if you have babies or children at your workplace or if you require AED training.

Health & Safety The St. John Ambulance courses can help in managing safety and working safely in the workplace.

Fire With recent legislation requiring organisations to carry out a risk assessment St. John Ambulance have created a course to train Fire Marshals.

The training brochure also explains the different community courses available from St. John Ambulance. They also offer courses on providing first aid for babies and children.

See the First Aid Training and Information page on the First Aid Quiz web site for details of St. John Ambulance and (in Scotland) St. Andrew’s First Aid.