Baby’s first big bath – swivel bath seat

I gave my son his last bath in the baby bath recently. The reason it was his last is that at the end there was less water in the bath than was all over me, the floor and even the walls of the bath room. He’s now 7 months so is able to sit up and ready for his first bath with the assistance of a Safety 1st Swivel Bath Seat.

This is similar to one we had for our first baby, but this new one can swivel around after putting the baby into the bath. The seat is open and provides just enough support for a baby that is able to sit-up. Obviously they still need to be watched constantly when in the bath.

Baby in bath towel
Using the normal bath also allowed our son to share the bath with his big sister which is something that they both enjoyed although this needed even closer supervision to restrain her enthusiasm.

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