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New and Improved Website

I’ve just uploaded an updated version of the website. The most significant change is the new banner image which replaces the old clipart style banner. I think that this version looks more modern, although the last one was a bit more descriptive. If you come across a page that still has the old banner then it’s most likely a page that will be getting the chop in the near future.
I’ve also created a new section called “Information”. Adding a new menu option everytime I add a new topic was not practical so putting it all into that section will make it a bit easier to manage. I future I’d like to seperate the content from the presentation making it much more flexible. Whilst there are content management systems available the one’s I’ve tried so far don’t really offer what I want.
I’ve created holding pages ready for the flash information that I promised. It’s taking a little longer than I expected to put together, but there introduction is available now and I’ll hopefully be adding more within the next week.