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ICE – In Case of Emergency

AmbulanceIf anything was to happen to you, do you carry information about who you’d like contacted? I have had emergency contact details on those pieces of card that come with your wallet, but they get tatty and thrown away. Wouldn’t it be useful to have something on your mobile phone? East Anglican Ambulance Service have developed a scheme that has now been adopted nationally. It’s known as ICE which stands for “In Case of Emergency”.
Basically you add an entry in your mobile phone’s address book called ICE with the phone number(s) of someone you’d like to be contacted in the case of an emergency. The ambulance crew could then look through your phone and they would have the number of whoever you’d nominated as your “ICE partner”.

In future it’s likely that this is added as a more specific feature of mobile phones.

East Anglican Ambulance Service – News item.

One catch is that this obviously relies upon your mobile phone being in working order, so you may like to continue using paper based schemes as well as adding the entry to your mobile.