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Give a present to a complete stranger this Christmas

Last year I gave an extra present at Christmas. It wasn’t for anyone I know, but to charity to support the work of the NSPCC and Childline. This year I’ve decided to do the same, but to a different charity. In fact I think I’m going to make this an annual thing choosing a different charity each year.
This year I thought I’d again like to help children that won’t be able to enjoy Christmas, but this time through poverty rather than neglect and abuse. I have therefore chosen Save the Children.

Save the Children are committed to provide support to children both in the UK and around the world. It is the plight of those in the 3rd world countries that I want to help this year. In addition to accepting regular donations Save the Children also have a Wish List. This allows you to choose a specific project to support as a gift to a friend. I just sent a normal donation so that they can choose the best way to spend it, but it’s a good gift idea for those that have everything already.

Why not get into the spirit of giving this year. Give a gift to a complete stranger and help support a this or another charity this Christmas.

Save the Children

Happy Christmas to everyone