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Free home fire safety check, free smoke detector, free long-life smoke alarm battery

If you had a fire at home would you know what to do?

  • Do you know the best exit route?
  • Is that route kept clear?
  • Are the keys to your door easily accessible?
  • Do you have a working smoke alarm?
  • Have you checked the alarm is working?
  • Is the battery in the alarm within the recommended life (typically less than 1 year)?

It’s a little known fact that most fire services in the UK will come to your house perform a safety check, and often install a smoke detector with long-life (eg. 10 year) battery absolutely free. Exactly what is provided may depend upon the resources of your local fire service, but a free fire safety check should be available to everyone.

Follow the link below.
Free Home Fire Safety Visit.

Even if you don’t go for the free fire safety check then you can find some resources including easy to use check-lists at:
Fire Gateway – “Is your house safe?” website