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Request to make Beoley pedestrian crossing safer

I am extremely frustrated by the contempt that many drivers show to the lives of pedestrians trying to cross a zebra crossing in the village of Beoley. This is a crossing that is supposed to provide a safe route for children going between the school, nursery and after-school club, and the car park across the road.

Despite over a dozen warning / mandatory speed signs drivers frequently drive through far in excess of the speed limit and at speeds where they are unable to stop if pedestrians step onto the crossing.

I have now written to the County Council asking them to consider changing the zebra crossing into a light-controlled crossing (such as a Puffin crossing), and based on the information on the website to the local safer roads partnership.

I don’t expect the safer roads partnership to do much as they make it clear that they are not interested until someone has died. I don’t find that particularly helpful as the life of a child has to be worth more than that! They however suggested contacting the police which I have done as well.

I am not a fan of speed cameras as most appear to be placed where they can maximise revenue typically on 50mph roads, rather than near schools and crossings where there is an increased risk to young children. I want to see something to make the crossing safer and anything is better than the current situation.

I know that some readers of my blog (and Facebook where this is automatically uploaded) also has similar concerns. If so please also get in touch with the agencies listed above and hopefully a bit more pressure may stir them into action.

If you are someone that drives through a crossing at speed then my message to you is
“Slow down idiot before you murder an innocent child!”
[I was going to put something much stronger, but I didn’t want to offend visitors that are not guilty of this]