DVD Review: Battlestar Gallactica (original series)

This is the Classic Battlestar Galactica. At the time I was a big fan, but it’s showing it’s age, both in terms of special effects, and the storylines. It is still well worth watching.
The one thing that spoils it for me is Boxey and the Daggit. The part is well casted at first (if a bit corny), but it’s hard to believe a 6 year old would be allowed on the bridge of a battleship or to go on away missions, even if he does manage to hide in an unguarded transporter. If you can tolerate boxey and the daggit (in about half of the episodes) then the rest of the story lines are good.
The worst thing is that the last episode just ends, it leaves you wanting more. Due I assume to budget constraints the series was cut without giving it a nice clean ending. There was a spin off series some time after the original, but that is not included in this 7 disc boxset.

It’s hard to review this without comparing it with the new series. Whilst based on the same original idea, these are very different. If you want family entertainment then you want the original series, but if you prefer modern special effects, a bit more action, and are not watching with children then the new series has more on offer. For me there is a place for both.
The Bonus material on the 7th DVD is average at best. You get to see what the actors look like when they are older. There are cut scenes, some of which are good, but padded with less interesting ones (such as different angles of scenes included in the episodes). The most interesting part of the Bonus DVD is finding out how they created the daggit.
Well worth getting for that trip down memory lane.