DVD Review: Battlestar Gallactica (The Mini Series)

This is the first of the modern Battlestar Gallactica. I was confused by it’s name when I first watched this, for all intents and purposes this is a 3 hour long film which is a remake of the first two episodes from the original series. See below for details of the original series.
The original series was very much something for the whole family, however this new series is obviously targetted at adults and older children which is reflected in it’s 12 rating. The language is also more colourful, with much more use of the “frack” word. The film just wouldn’t be realistic without a lot of swearing and using that made up word makes it a bit more suitable for a slightly younger audience. I suspect there would have been concerns it would have become a 15 had they replaced it with the “Earth English” equivelant word.
Whilst the general story is still the same there are quite a few changes. Personally I’m glad that they didn’t just remake the original using better special effects. I think this version brings a refreshing new perspective to the story.
The most significant changes include Starbuck and Boomer who are now both female, and the cylons now look like people.
The special effects are obviously much better than those available in the 70’s and the action is more intense which makes watching it more enjoyable. The storyline is also more complex with greater emotions and multiple storylines running through the film.
Well worth watching for fans of the original series and those new to Battlestar Gallactica.