Toy review: Junior Scrabble Disney Edition

Junior Scrabble is a family game suitable for children from 5 years old. There are two different games depending upon the age of children. The simplest has the words fully spelled out and the aim is to cover each of the letters with the corresponding tile, the harder game has a picture for each word with just a few of the letters marked.

The first game is a great game to play as a family as the child does not have any real disadvantage over the adults playing. Our daughter really enjoys it.

The Disney edition uses character names from the Disney films as the words to complete. It may have helped children to learn how to spell some words had it used normal words instead of character names, but there is only a fairly small number of words anyway, and this is more of a fun game rather than just trying to learn spelling.

A fun game that is good for the whole family to play together.