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Christmas Charity 2007 – Tommy’s Baby Charity and Wikipedia

Following my theme for the last two years I’ve decided to give my annual “Christmas Donation” to another child and baby charity. As my wife is pregnant it seamed appropriate that this year I’ve chosen Tommy’s the baby charity. An charity dedicated to reducing the number of babies dying during pregnancy and birth.

This year I thought I’d add another donation, this time to a community project that makes computers / information more accessible to all. This is something I feel strongly towards and is the reason I like to be an advocate for Linux and other open source software and the reason for the website Penguin Tutor Linux Tutorials.
The community project that I think is deserving for this year is Wikipedia. If you have not heard of Wikipedia [where have you been], it’s a online encyclopedia. What makes wikipedia stand out is that it is edit by members of the community, so anyone can contribute. If you have some more information that can enhance the entry then update wikipedia. I’ve contributed on a few pages, but use it all the time when I need to look something up. They are also very active in making the information available in developing countries.

When celebrating Christmas this year, why not give one more present by donating to a worthy cause.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year