Baby Changing Facilities at Welcome Break Woodall Services

Whilst traveling back from my family in Yorkshire yesterday, we stopped at Woodall services on the M1. This is a “Welcome Break service station”. I’m sorry to say that the baby changing room is one the worst that I have ever seen at a service station.

It was clear that nobody had inspected the baby changing room for some time, as not only were the nappy bins overflowing, but they had piles of used nappies on top of them. The disabled toilet looked even worse with a pool of water / waste all over the floor.

Annoyed by the lack of consideration for parents / children and those with disabilities I found a comment form and filled it in. To add insult to injury there was then nowhere that the comment form could be left and instead they insist that you purchase a stamp to make a complaint. A stamp may not cost much money, but surely they could have provided a means of making a complaint for free.

Nappy sacks – parents please use them!

As a further issue, why is it that parents don’t ever use nappy sacks when they visit a baby changing facility? It seams to be very rare that you see nappies disposed of in a baby changing room in a sack. You wouldn’t enjoy the smell if you placed a used nappy in a bin at home without first putting it in a nappy sack, so why should that smell (much more concentrated with other nappies) be inflicted on the next people to use the baby changing facilities.

  • Clinical waste bins – do not block out smells
  • Nappy sacks – do block out some smells
  • Nappy sacks – can cost less than a penny each

Please use nappy sacks when using baby changing facilities!