Stofen Flash Diffuser for Nikon SpeedFlash SB-600, for Nikon D50 D-SLR Camera

I have bought a Stofen diffuser for my Nikon SB600 speedflash flashgun. I first tried to buy it from 7dayshop, which doesn’t list whether the item is in stock or not, but did have a special offer on.

After a few weeks I decided it wasn’t worth waiting to save a couple of pounds and so I ordered it elsewhere. As I’d bought something else from 7dayshop I ended up having to pay postage twice (once for 7dayshop and once for the place I actually bought it from), so it ended up costing me more than I stood to save. As a result I’m now cautious about actual ordering from a website unless it states that the item is in stock (although sometimes that’s not possible).

Instead I ordered the diffuser a Stofen OM-600 from which has since arrived.

The diffuser helps, in particularly when using the flash fairly close to the subject, but is not quite as good as I thought it would be. It was certainly very expensive at almost £18 for a bit of plastic. Still when you spend a lot of money on a flash its worth that bit extra to be able to make full use of it.