Robot Arm control software for the Raspberry Pi

Frustrated by the lack of Linux support for an education Robot Arm I bought – I’ve written my own. Other community members had already worked out the code to allow you to program the robot arm yourself in Python, but I wanted something that young children could easily see and interact with. I have therefore written some software to provide a graphical way to control a Robot Arm with a Raspberry Pi.

To get started you’ll need an educational robot arm kit. When buying the robot arm you need to ensure that you buy the version that includes the USB computer interface (or buy the usb interface separately). The robot arm from CPC and from Maplin both include the USB interface, but other suppliers may provide a handheld remote control instead

The software is written in Python, using Pygame and runs on the Raspberry Pi as well as other Linux computers. It even works on the new Raspberry Pi display (although due to the size the entire application is not on the screen).

G-Robot Arm - GUI software for robot arm on the Raspberry Pi

For more details, including download instructions see:

Robot Arm - with Raspberry Pi