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Remembrance Sunday

This year is the first that I’ve sat down and watched the Remembrance day parade on TV. For the last few years I’ve attended at one of the local parades in Warwickshire as a member of St. John Ambulance. This year however due to family reasons I was not able to attend in person.

Remembrance Sunday is for me, a way of thanking those that have fought and died for our freedom, and a way of ensuring that we never forget about the sacrifice that they made.

Even if you don’t believe in the reason for the conflict these people, who are not just soldiers (as the day remembers rescue workers and others less directly involved), risked their lives regardless of their personal beliefs. If it wasn’t for those people we would not be able to enjoy the freedom we take for granted today.

There were a lot of people who paraded past the cenotaph, but that was a tiny number when you compare it with the millions that have died in conflict.