Password Safe (pwsafe) – and Linux alternatives

I have used Password Safe (pwsafe) as a way of saving encrypted passwords on my Windows computer for some time. The software is open source, so is available for free. I’ve been happy with the software and as such have not visited the site for some time. I downloaded the latest version to install on my new Windows Vista Home Premium PC and noticed quite a lot of updates since the earlier versions. Updates appear to have been released on a frequent basis.

The program allows you to use a single complex passphrase to protect all your passwords, and other important information. The information is encrypted, so is held securely. The password can be copied to the clipboard without showing on the screen, so it means that you can lookup and use your password even with someone looking over your shoulder. The new features include

A new feature, although not one I’ve used yet, is the ability to install to a USB key, so that you can carry all your passwords around with you.

Password Safe website.

You can see some software for other systems Related Projects, including running pwsafe on Linux using WINE.