Open source electronics – project update Arduino computer controlled Disco-light controller

It’s been some time since I’ve provided an update on my open source electronics project. It is started to come together as a usable system, although there is still some way to go before it’s finished.

The project is an 8-way computer controlled Disco Light system, based around the Arduino controller and 12v PAR 16 lights. Although at the moment it’s only 4-way and is not computer controlled.

I have made numerous changes to the design since my original idea, the most significant being the decision to go for a 16 x 2 LCD display instead of relying on LEDs. This makes it much more flexible in stand-alone mode and looks more impressive than a row of LEDs.

A prototype using plug-board is shown below.

Prototype circuit of Aruino LCD controller and port shift-register on plugboard

I’ve also built most of this into the case, although there are a few holes which will be filled out as the rest of the project is implemented.

Status so far Arduino computer controlled disco-light controller

I’ll be providing more details about how it works in the future.