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Earlier this week I successfully passed the LPIC 201 exam. Whilst I was revising I created a number of questions based on the 201 objectives to add to the already popular LPI 101 and LPI 102 practice Exams at Penguin Tutor.

When I took the exam I noticed that one questions was almost identical and some of my others were certainly asking about the right subject areas. With over 80 questions it isn’t worth revising all the answers just to pass one question, but the idea is to give you an idea of which areas to do a bit more revision in. Since taking the exam I’ve only added a couple more questions on specific subject areas that I didn’t cover in as much detail as the test (but not the same questions as are on the exam).
There is still a couple of things on the exam that I couldn’t really find reference material on. There were questions on which point during startup certain messages are likely to appear, in particular messages relating to hard disk drive detection and setup. As I couldn’t find anything to create a question on, and I couldn’t remember the question if even I wanted to (although creating questions based on ones I’ve seen in the exam is against the policy of the site, and a breach of the Non-disclosure agreement of the exam), so there are no questions on that one topic. I believe the rest of the areas are covered though.

I have now made the exam available through the certification section of the Penguin Tutor Web site. Feel free to have a go, and please let me know in the Penguin Tutor Forums what you think about the exams. Please let me know if you find any typos, spelling mistakes or indeed wrong answers. I’ve been working through the exams to spot for these mistakes and cleaned up what I can, but I’ve had a couple of emails about a typo and ambiguous wording in a couple of the older questions.

There are 81 questions at the moment, although I do hope to add more in future. I’m now starting revision for my 202 exam, to gain full Level 2 certification. So I’ll start working on some questions for that exam as well. Watch this space in the next couple of months time.