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iFirstAid – First Aid Anytime, Anywhere

First Aid
St. John Ambulance have introduced a new initiative "iFirstAid". This uses the popularity of portable iPod/MP3 players to provide a new way to access first aid guidelines.

The First Aid Tips consist of 17 mini MP3/AAC/Real files that can be downloaded from the Internet. This allows them to be installed on any type of portable music player, some mobile phones with integrated MP3 / iTune players and if burned to CD’s they can be used in most CD players including Car Audio CD Players.

These First Aid Tips start with the initial primary survey; cover rescue breaths (formally known as artificial ventilation / respiration); Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR); the recovery position; fractures; burns and bleeding. The differences between adults, children and babies are included as well.

The information is clear and concise and easy to follow, but as it states, these are in no way a replacement for proper training. They would be a good refresher for those that had done first aid training, but wanted a refresher or those that had done a first aid at work course that may want to know a bit more about dealing with children and babies (although because of the difference in the techniques it is still better to attend a formal baby and child first aid course).

It’s a little hard to retain the information when you only hear it verbally, but useful as a quick reminder or as a revision aid.

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