Halloween flying bats to make with a child

Celebrate Halloween with this easy to make flying bat decoration. It’s great fun to make with kids.

Halloween flying bats

The bat template for the bat shape is taken from Halloween colouring download (pdf) that I’d created previously. The bat shapes are on page 6 of the document.


  1. print the page onto coloured card (grey or purple are good colours)
  2. cut out the shapes
  3. attach black cotton to the back of the bats
  4. fasten the other end of the cotton to a coat-hanger
  5. [optionally] decorate with cotton wool and plastic spiders
  6. find somewhere to hang the coat-hanger

In our case we have some antique style lights which we also partially covered with cotton wool to add to the effect.

Do not allow cotton wool to come close to the light fittings. Doing so could constitute a fire hazard.
In our case there is plenty of space below and away from the actual light fittings so that the cotton wool is not close to the bulbs.

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