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Blog title – Monkeys, megabytes, medical and more …

(Children, IT, first aid and other ramblings …)

I’ve given my blog on Watkissonline a new subtitle and made some changes to the appearance. When I first started the blog over 4 years ago there was no real theme to the blog and it was just a way of putting down some of my personal thoughts.

The blog has now 3 main themes which are reflected in some of my other websites. PenguinTutor is a Linux based website incorporating the IT / computing aspect of the blog and The First Aid Quiz website includes the blog entries relating to first aid, medical and health related posts. I’ve also created a dedicated page for Baby and Children Days Out and related information since that now occupies a significant number of the blog posts.

The blog has now taken a life of its own and deserved something a bit more than referring it to my ramblings. Here’s a quick explanation of the new title:

Monkeys (Children)

Perhaps this is a term of endearment for our “cheeky little monkeys”, or perhaps it’s just a reference to some of the zoos and animal related attractions listed on the days-out. I guess it relates to a bit of both.

This is the main part of the site that is (currently) featured just on WatkissOnline and is in fact the largest dedicated page on the site. It features nearly 200 posts relating to days-out, holidays and general information relating to babies and children.

Megabytes (IT and Linux)

The IT and Linux section of the blog is created based on my personal experience working with computers and technology. This has included my roles working in networking, IT security and working with Linux and other operating systems. All the related posts are automatically copied to create the blog / news section on PenguinTutor – Linux, IT and technology based website.

Medical (First Aid, Health and Fitness)

The “medical” section of the blog really refers to First Aid; Health and Safety in the workplace; and Health and Fitness. The are all automatically copied to the First Aid Quiz website.

It goes beyond just First Aid including information on the trials and tribulations of my diet and fitness plan to get myself into shape.

More (other ramblings)

Finally I’m continuing posting other less targeted posts every now and again. These may be related to Worcestershire or the Midlands, or just something I want to get on my chest. I guess these add some more personal touch compared with the other more business like posts.


I hope you find the blog useful and hopefully this goes some way to explain the reasons for some of the posts and I’ll continue to post information when I get around to typing it up.

It just remains for me to tell you that the site is run on WordPress, with MySQL all running on a Linux hosted website. Without the OpenSource technology on which this is based it would not be possible to have this blog any most of the functionality on the websites mentioned.