gnokii – Mobile Phone Nokia PC Communicator for Linux – Settings for Ubuntu, Mini USB and Nokia 6300

I have recently got a new mobile phone. A Nokia 6300. I decided to go for Nokia as they seam to be taking a practical approach towards Linux and OpenSource, which some of the other mobile phone manufacturers are not. Unfortunately they do not support Linux with their PC Communicator software. The good news is that the gnokii project does provide support for Nokia phones under Linux.

Unfortunately gnokii does not yet have the full functionality as the Nokia suite for Windows, but it is still useful. For example you can add and remove phone numbers from the contact list, but there doesn’t seam to be any option for doing the same with the address / email address details etc.

If you want to give it a try here’s how I got my phone working (this will work with many other Nokia phones as well). Note this is for the Nokia 6300 connected using a mini USB connector (I happened to have one from something else that fitted), on Ubuntu 8.04

sudo apt-get install gnokii

This should install the CLI (command line interface) as well as xgnokii a X-Windows GUI front end.
There may also be other components / modules of Gnokii that can be installed as well.

To configure:

cp /etc/gnokiirc ~/.gnokiirc
edit the .gnokiirc file with the following details

comment out:
port = /dev/ttyS0
(this is used for serial connectivity)

port = /dev/ttyACM

Update the model entry to show:
model = AT

~$ gnokii --identify
GNOKII Version 0.6.22
IMEI : 934829457194475
Manufacturer : Nokia
Model : Nokia 6300
Product name : Nokia 6300
Revision : V 06.01

You can then launch xnockii from the office menu, or use the CLI to query / update the information:
gnokii users guide.

Not quite fully functional with all phones, but certainly usable if your requirements are fairly modest.