Free / Reduced Price LPI Exams at LinuxWorld Expo in London

With the London LinuxWorld Expo coming up next month I thought it’s worth letting everyone know about the offer on LPI Exams at the event.

A great way to get into Linux Certification with a vendor neutral linux certification programme.

Full conference delegates can take the 101 / 102 exams for free (ie. those paying for a days attendance or more).
Those attending the event for free get half price tests £40, instead of the usual £80.

Details of my first LPI certification exam taken at LinuxWorld Expo last year

The exams at LinuxWorld Expo are paper based, rather than the computer based version offered at most test centres, but the questions are the same, it just takes a little longer to get the results.

You can take 101 and 102 in any order, and can attempt both at the conference without having pass one first.

If you want to get an idea of what the exams involve you can test yourself on the Penguin Tutor (unofficial) LPI practice exams.

Get yourself on track to certification with the LPI exams.

More information to help towards certification is available at My Linux Certification Page

Also see: LPI to run free LPI level 3 (beta) exams at LinuxWorld Expo