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First Aid Quiz Web Site Updated to coincide with the launch of the new First Aid Manual

The First Aid Quiz, Fun and Games Web Site has been updated to coincide with the launch of the new First Aid Manual.

The First Aid Manual, by St John Ambulance, St Andrew’s First Aid and Red Cross

The First Aid Manual is the authoritative guide to First Aid in the UK, produced as a combined effort between the volunteer organisations: St. John Ambulance, St. Andrew’s First Aid and The Red Cross.

The previous 8th edition of the First Aid Manual is now a several years old and the new version includes new advances in First Aid knowledge and training, mainly in resucitation and choking procedures.

The First Aid Quiz (Fun and Games) Web Site

The First Aid Quiz (Fun and Games) web site is a web site dedicated to teaching and revising first aid knowledge in a fun and enjoyable way. This is achieved through The First Aid Quiz (a interactive web based quiz), The Offline First Aid Quiz (allowing you to test your first aid when away from the computer), crossword puzzles, wordsearches and training suggestions. Hopefully the site will also include Macromedia Flash based games (although they will not be available for some time).

As well as the questions in the First Aid Quiz being updated to reflect the changes in protocol, the whole site has had a new makeover. The new site has a more modern look and feel and an improved navigation menu. The web site still continues to provide the same underlying principle that First Aid should be fun, and that learning the skills using the fun techniques can help the first aider to remember the skills potentially helping them to save a life.

The first aid quiz web site runs on a Linux Apache server using a perl based quiz engine (with MySQL database) and PHP based dynamic content. Some pages also use Java Applets and other technologies to make best use of the Internet.

For more information on Linux (and the Perl Quiz Engine) see:

The Reason For the Updates (The UK Resuscitation Council)

The major driver for the updated protocols is the UK Resuscitation Council. The Resuscitation Council (UK) is an organisation which using the latest research from around the world develops the recommended first aid and advanced medical care guidelines. The UK Resuscitation Council published the updated protocols last year. Many organisations including the volunteer organisations (St John Ambulance, St. Andrew’s Ambulance and the Red Cross), and the First Aid Quiz web site have been waiting for the publishers to release the new book before changing the way that they present and teach First Aid. With the launch of the First Aid Manual on the 1st August 2006 most courses will now be teaching the new protocols.

The new First Aid Manual is now available.

Buy the First Aid Manual from St. John Supplies, and help support St. John Ambulance.