First Aid – Dealing with the aftermath

When taking a formal first aid course there are a few things that you need to know about dealing with the aftermath after providing first aid. These are the steps that are needed to deal with any post treatment items.

Recently I attended a FAW requal course to keep my First Aid at Work certificate up-to-date. On this course I was told of a way to remember these in a simple way, called the 4 Ups. I hadn’t heard this before, so here it is.

4 Ups

  • Write Up
  • Clean Up
  • Stock Up
  • Feet Up

These involve:

Write Up

In the workplace this will generally mean completing the workplace accident report book (assuming it was actually an injury). It may also involve filling in the RIDDOR if appropriate, or for St John Ambulance members the appropriate patient report form.

Clean Up

Clearing up any waste and disposing of it as clinical waste. This normally involves the use of yellow clinical waste bags, and then following your local disposal arrangements.
This may also involve cleaning up any spilt blood etc.

Stock Up

It’s important to remember to restock the first aid kit with any items used. This may include personal protective equipment (such as gloves) as well as any bandages or other first aid materials used.

Feet Up

Finally it is important to consider your own feelings and how it may have impacted you. This may mean just taking a few minutes to consider what you feel, or for serious incidents may need an opportunity to discuss it with someone else.