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Update on Beoley pedestrian crossing – road safety review

After some recent incidents on Beoley crossing I sent a letter to Worcestershire county council asking them to review the pedestrian crossing. Soon after I sent the letter I received a letter from the county council saying that they were going to investigate it. I have also seen a box appear on one of the 30mph signs which I suspect has been used to monitor the traffic going over the crossing. This has now been removed so I suspect the sampling is complete for now.

I will wait to see if they actually take some action, but it appears that they are at least taking steps to assess the situation.

On another note it doesn’t seam to be getting any better. The latest was this morning at about 8:40am just as children were on their way to school. I was behind a car that was heading towards the crossing. At the top of the hill they were driving at about 50mph and got further ahead of me as they went down the hill. The car drove past a pair of 30mph sign at the sides of the road, a 30mph sign on the road, 3 sets of caution crossing signs (one marked as school crossing) an active flashing 30mph sign that came on to indicate the car was driving too fast, another 30mph marking on the road, a small 30mph reminder sign and then the beacon lights and the zebra crossing. During this time the brake lights on the car never came on once!

I look forward to hearing from the council and hope they are able to find a way to slow cars down and make it safer at this critical crossing between a primary school and car park.