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Firefox 2 beta 2 available to download

Firefox 2 has now reached beta version 2. This brings the browser one step closer to the full version 2 release expected later this year. I’ve been using the browser for a few days now and it is a great improvement. The best browser that I’ve tried so far.

Previously I’d already tried Firefox version 2 beta 1 which was good, but did include some bugs. Also the automatic form spell checking appeared to have been dropped. The good news is that the browser is now very stable (I haven’t experienced a single crash since upgrading to beta 2), and the automatic form spell checking feature is back.

Firefox users will already be used to the tabbed browsing, additional security, privacy features and the flexibility offered by the “Addons”, but now with form spell checking and easier tab management the browser is even better.

All this and it’s still completely free (in every sense of the meaning), and works across multiple operating systems.

Download Firefox 2 beta 2 and try for yourself