Final Update – Foreign Holiday with a Baby, Paris and Disneyland Paris, France

Since my earlier posts about holidaying with two month old baby I have now finally finished part 4. This part describes the baby friendlyness (or not), of Disneyland Park, Paris.

The holiday to Paris, France was a bit more of a challenge than usual as we took along our 8 – 9 week old baby daughter. The following is an account of the trip, highlighting some of the issues that need to be considered when taking a baby on holiday.

The earlier parts cover driving around france as well as taking our baby on the Train and the Metro. There are also details on the Caravan site and the facilities available there (including problems with the microwave which was needed for sterilizing bottles).

The Blog Pages:

Since then we’ve also taken our baby to Center Parcs during the Christmas Season. I’ll add details in future pages / blog entries.