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Duracell vs original Samsung Camcorder Battery

Most camcorders and digital cameras use some kind of proprietary battery. One of the reasons for this is that these are high capacity batteries that are needed to provide the power needed to run modern equipment with large LCD displays and lots of processing power. The result is that these batteries can be very expensive to replace with originals, in some cases costing over £100.

replica batteries for digital camcorders and cameras

I always carry a spare battery and have always bought unbranded batteries in the past as they are usually much cheaper. In most cases the difference between battery life is not noticeable, but that has been where the battery has a very good life in the first place. With modern cameras and camcorders that have particularly small batteries then the difference can be much more noticeable.

Review of Duracell DR9922 – replacement for Samsung Camcorder battery IA-BP895ST

This battery is listed as compatible with Samsung SC-MX10, MX10A, MX10P, MX10R, VP-MX10 and replaces the IA-BP85ST which is the Samsung battery code. Note that the correct code for the battery has a 5 next to an S as the small writing on the battery makes it look like IA-BP855T or IA-BP8SST.

I use this battery in a Samsung VP-HMX10 camcorder. The first thing to note is that the standard battery supplied with the camcorder is an 850mAh compared to this battery having a rating of 720mAh. So whilst I’ve never been overly impressed with the battery life of my original camcorder battery this is about 15% less.

When I first used the battery the percentage available for the battery dropped very quickly, but then continued to work despite saying that the battery was at 0secs left. This happened for a few discharge cycles, although then subsequently started reporting more accurate battery charge levels. I had initially used the camcorder to charge, but on later times used a different charger, but I think that the percentage available may be due to the camcorder calibrating itself with the battery rather than the type of charger I used.

It’s hard to give an accurate length of time of how much usage that I got out of the battery as to maximise battery life I switch the camcorder on and off lots and it automatically powers off when not recording, but it was sufficient for a reasonable amount of filming.

I’d not want to rely on this battery as my only one for the camera, but it works well having it as a second battery to get a full days use out of the camera.

Whilst the capacity is lower this battery is about half the price of the cheapest original batteries so works out as reasonable value for money.