Christmas Message 2005

Amelia with SantaIt’s now Christmas. I’ve finished work for a week and I am looking forward to spending our first Christmas as a family of three.

Whilst opening your presents have a thought about those less fortunate than ourselves. In particular as we will be spending the time with our baby, it makes me think about all the children that will not be enjoying Christmas due to abuse or neglect.

It is brought home even more this year with the sentencing of David Askew and Sarah Whittaker, after their children nearly died as a result of the neglect. BBC News Story – Parents kept children in squalor. Fortunately those children are now safe, but I’m sure there are many others for which Christmas will not be a time for celebration.

Over this year I have sent money to two charities that exist to help children, Childline and NSPCC. Unfortunately due to a lack of funding childline nearly had to close it’s night service (related blog entry on Childline funding problems) this year. Childline is now due to join with the NSPCC in the new year and will hopefully give it a more secure future, although together I’m sure they will still need as much money as people can send in.

If you buy one more gift this year, why not make it a brighter future for children at risk this Christmas?

I hope everyone has a Happy Christmas