Cancer Campaigns: Smoke Free Workplaces

Recently I picked up a leaflet about Cancer Campaigns. A part of Cancer Research UK, they aim to campaign on issue linked with cancers. The current campaign is on having the right to a smoke free workplace.
Whilst the government is planning to reduce the number of places where smoking is allowed it will still leave vulnerable to second hand smoke and as a result a potential death sentence.
Whilst I have no objections to what people do to their own life by smoking it is an infringement of the basic human right to life when people are dying because of second hand smoke.
This has really hit home with me recently with having a young baby. Even walking outside can result in a baby inhaling a lung full of someone else’s smoke. When going into restaurants then even if they have a non-smoking area then it often involves passing through a smoking area, or being only a short distance away from smokers and hence breathing in the second hand smoke.
There is a
petition asking for non-smoking workplaces
In the meanwhile I’d urge people to support smoke free restaurants.
There are only a few chains that have gone no smoking so far but it does include:

There are also a few independent restaurants such as: