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The LPI practice exams on are periodically updated to keep the content fresh and relevant to those studying for the the lPIC exams. I do look for changes in the objectives and try and remove questions that are no longer relevant and add new questions to keep the quiz up-to-date. It has however been over 4 years since I took my last LPI exam and there have been two new versions since then, so whilst I believe the quizzes are still relevant, there may be areas in which they can be improved.

If you have done any of the LPI exams (101, 102, 201 or 202), particularly on the latest version then I’d love to hear your suggestions. Are the practice exams too easy or too hard? Is there a topic that is under represented? Is there a particular command that you think could do with more questions?

I am not interested in any real questions from the LPI exams, which is against the terms of the exam and certification and devalues other peoples hard work (see below for my views on Brain Dumps). If you can just point me in the right area I can then create examples questions which are not directly influenced by seeing the latest exams.

If you are commenting on an existing question, if possible please provide the question number which can be found on the question review page.

You feedback can help keep the exam questions up-to-date and relevant for those studying for the LPI certification!

You can leave your comments using the Facebook comments form below, or using the email form here.

Stewart “PenguinTutor” Watkiss

Braindumps – why we don’t use brain dumps

Braindumps are where someone memorises (or increasingly copies using a mobile phone camera) the actual exam questions and then passes them on to others. Braindumps are bad for the candidate, bad for the certified professionals, bad for the companies that provide the certification and bad for employers.

The first thing to note is that brain dumps are a breach of the terms and conditions of taking the exam as well as copyright law. A breach of these could result in loss of certification or even legal proceedings.

Braindumps are bad for the certification, employers and other certified professionals as if people can pass by memorising the answers, but then can’t put it into practise then the qualification is devalued.

Brain dumps are bad for the candidate, because how do you know that the questions are correct, or from the right version of the paper? If you don’t know the subject then this will show through when you try and land a job that needs you to use the skills learnt. does not use any real exam questions in the practice exams. Any questions that are very similar are due to using a similar question style (and co-incidence) and not in any way copied from real exams.