Cash Advance Fee on MBNA Mastercard for Charity Lottery

I have received my MBNA Mastercard statement since first playing a charity lottery.

As well as the payment to of £10 (the minimum transfer is £5, but I put enough on for a few games), I also have a Cash Withdrawal fee of £3.

There was no mention of this fee when I signed up and used my card, and if there had I would not have used the card, but instead used my debit card. I have contacted the lottery, first by email (which they haven’t bothered to answer), and by phone, who just said that it’s down to the card issuer that made the charge, nothing to do with them.

I have now sent a letter to MBNA asking why I’ve been charged a fee without being notified about it.

It seams to be only certain cards that charge this fee, but that doesn’t excuse the lottery website from not mentioning it on their website. I will post details of how this progresses.

I recommend you use a debit card rather than a credit card unless they can give you confirmation that you won’t be charged a fee by your credit card issuer.